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We are a tribe that has come together to incorporate both traditional and modern care so that every individual feels valuable in the giving and receiving of support within the community.

At Austribe Care our values, heritage and culture have shaped the way we think about, and provide care to our clients. As a result we take the approach of mixing traditional methods of care with more modern ones.

Our story started with a Multicultural group, brought together with the desire to share our beautiful experiences of how support and care is undertaken within our communities.  With many of us brought up in the setting where family takes care of each other, the need to share the love and support with others within the community was born. 

Our team is made up of passionate, supportive and dedicated individuals that would go the extra mile to put a smile on the faces of those we love, care and support. We dedicate our time to listen, understand, encourage and communicate each individual’s needs without judgement.

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Our Commitment

At Austribe Care, our commitment is to provide the community with care & support that promotes a more independent lifestyle. Our priority is our clients first and foremost, ensuring they get the exact support they need to expand their horizons, participate in the community and reach their goals.

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